Top 10 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors in 2022

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Finding the best golf club for seniors is not easy, and it can be frustrating.  With this guide, you can easily find a senior golf club that meets your needs and choices.

These clubs come with extra accessories and well-mannered bags to easily keep your golf clubs and other accessories. 

If you are like most seniors, then you are starting to find that your swing speed is not what it used to be. It is maybe the reason that maybe your drives are not carrying as much as they used to.

Most golfers play the old, outdated irons, which are too heavy, and have too stiff of shafts. Instead of upgrading your, let’s take the best golf review for seniors. As you are a senior, your swing speed can get slower.  

Our equipment is one area where we can make the most improvement in the shortest amount of time. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned veteran having the right clubs suit your swing speed, strong points and characteristics can greatly impact how well you play. 

So here we have given the 10 best senior clubs for seniors. With these best senior clubs, you will get the best shot and never miss the shot.

Top 3 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Petite Senior Women’s Majek Golf Clubs

Getting the golf club’s perfect set for the seniors is not easy and can be a challenge because when you are buying, there are a lot of things to consider.

 Then here the question arises what is the best golf club for the seniors? So the answer is the Petite Senior Women’s Majek Golf Clubs. These clubs are the best-rated golf clubs for seniors.  

As the golfer’s age, they lose some of their strength and flexibility, affecting their swing speed and shot distance. 

So this hybrid set to replace your iron set is becoming more difficult to use over the years. Most of the women have a problem with their ironing board. As iron is difficult to use and create the most effective shots, you need to hit down the ball. 

This Petite Senior Women’s Majek Golf Club is perfect for the petite lady golfer who is over the age of 55 years and has a problem with her current iron set.

Then replace your Entire difficult-to-use iron set with the Majek K5 all-hybrid iron set!  The majek golf clubs magically improve your hybrid iron game. Golf clubs are not created equally, so each has a specific purpose depending on their situation on the course.

Most people ask this question:

What golf clubs to buy for the seniors then the answer is petite senior women’s major golf clubs. 

This makes hybrid is co-engineered by members of an elite engineering group. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the Majek iron set. 

By this majek golf clubs, more weight positioned by the sweet spot and its deeper cavity back creates a tighter shot dispersion, increasing off-center hits’ accuracy. 

Its aerodynamic design creates a reduction in drag, which lead to higher club head speeds. Its wide to thin design creates a lower CG to promote the higher launch angle for the more distant. 

This makes the golf club is of lightweight premium graphite shaft that promotes a faster swing speed for the greater distance. This makes golf club is a petite right-hand length perfect for the women golfer who is 4’10 to 5’3 tall. 

This iron golf club set is recommended for seniors who no longer can use irons effectively due to the difficulty in grip and control. The hybrids are much easier to grasp and hold and can easily improve the game by several strokes without adding stress to the body. 

It is the best golf club for seniors in 2022. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and comes with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. 

This golf is available at an affordable price with many extra accessories included in the golf club bag. The bag of this golf club is also well designed.  

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

What are good golf clubs for a beginner then the answer is Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set. This golf club will not only provide you with the necessary clubs, bags, and some other accessories so you can keep costs low and get started quickly.

The driver is the most important club in the bag, but not all of them are created equally. For a beginner set, this diver is a solid choice at the 460cc. It has a huge sweet spot that helps you to hit more fairways. This set also comes with matching fairway wood that is oversized for more forgiveness as well. 

This golf club has an aerodynamic head that is optimized to help you get the ball up quickly, and at 15.5 degrees of the loft, it is perfect for beginner players. Both the Fairwood and the driver come in the lightweight, regular flex graphite to easily hit experience.

This strata tour package set is designed for increased performance on every shot. The driver includes 3 wood, 4 and 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 iron, PW and SW, stand bag, and 4 headcovers. 

This lightweight 460cc forged driver with the large sweet spot and a titanium head is designed for the distance, and the forgiveness that will help you hit farther off the tee as well in this golf club head cover is also included.

This golf club’s fairway wood is very forgiving and has a more aerodynamic head shape for the long, high flying shots. This golf club is a great alternative to long irons that give you more confidence in various shots.

These stainless steel irons offer excellent performance with a combination of forgiveness and control. 

While this is not 100% for the beginners, they will also make golf easier in the long run. 

They are also made for the performance not just for the distance and the forgiveness like some other. It also has a mallet putter with the extra lines on the head for the increased visual alignment. They also come with the rain hood as well as.

This golf club is the fast swing speed golf and it’s perfect for the one who wants the fast swing because of its head size if you swing at the slower speed, you should have some issued with it. 

It will take some time adjusting too, but over time you should be fine. This golf club is budget-friendly and as well as this golf has everything you need to get started with your golf game.

This golf club’s clubs are made out of high-quality steel and titanium and are very forgiving, making them great to practice and learn with. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club.

This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. It is the best golf that you can buy this year. By this golf, you can improve yourself in golf and get good golf progress using these golf clubs.

Taylor Made Golf M2 Combo Set

 Since the creation of the first metal wood in 1979, the Taylor made golf company has established a legacy of the breaking tradition to reach the new thresholds of the performance. Here the question raise that what are golf clubs for then the answer is that the golf clubs are for hitting the ball.

This golf club is driven to lead the industry in the product innovation, the Taylor made is committed to exploring the new frontiers, pushing the limits if the products manufacturing and constantly pursuing the next great breakthrough in the golf. 

From the metal woods to the golf balls, Taylor mode work tirelessly to bring you the best technology enhance and improve you golf came. This golf club’s bag has many extra pockets so you can easily put your important thing in this golf bag. So in this way this golf is well designed with the many extra pockets.

The 2017 M2 give golfer the complete performance package with the low CG, speed pocket technology, face slots and Geocoustic engineering it is the most technologically advanced distance iron.

Each technology in the M2 irons works together to help the golfer on achieving more distance, peak trajectory and forgiveness overall the more consistently performing iron swing after the swing. 

The face slot that helps to preserve the ball speed on the shots struck toward the heel or the toe, giving the golfer more distance and more control making your miss hits better and your best shots extraordinary.

The M2 features a thinner top line and shallower blade height, combinations that have created the more compact look, while in this golf club face slot is also added to the design to help in preserving the ball speed on the shots that are struck from the heel or the toe.

 Also helping to protect the ball speed is a redesigned speed pocket that has a thinner wall, which can improve the performance on shots struck low on the face while also creating the higher launch conditions. 

This M2 features one of the longest irons in the game, even among the distance-focused irons.

 This golf club is very forgiving giving you consistent ball speeds and heights across the face. Also during the mis hit you can produce exceptional distance.

This is one of the most popular brands for golf clubs in the past recent years. The M2 driver has been one of the favorite drivers in the past decades. This golf club is the applicable choice for the beginners and mid-handicap amateurs as well.

I recommend you to try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance by using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and comes with full and extra accessories packed in the bag.

Founders Club RTP7 Men’s Golf Club

What are good golf clubs for a beginner then the answer is founder club RTP7 men’s golf club. As far as the performance goes we were able to tell you pretty much immediately that the founder club RTP7 set was designed for the distance. The color of the golf club is black. The golf club is of 10.5 degrees. 

The material used in the club is wood. Many of the people have ask the question that what are the club for then the answer is the clubs are for hitting the ball in the golf.

If you are struggling with the tee or with your wood and longer irons then this is a set that can at least that department. This golf club set is very lightweight. Beginners will surely find these clubs more widely than the other entry level golf clubs.

The bag of this golf club is 9 zippered compartments which also include one insulated beverage pouch for keeping the drink and the snack cold. The bag of this gulf club also feature the 14 way top divider slot for all your clubs. The golf club come with a 460cc driver and is set to 10.5 degrees of the loft.

This is very effective for getting the maximum length of the tee. The 3 wood is set to the 15 degrees of the loft and features a lowered center of the gravity for the better balance on your swing. In the club RTP7 set you will also get 2 hybrids.

The first is 3 hybrid which is set to 22 degrees and the other is 4 hybrid set to 24 degrees. In the founder club RTP7 you get the irons 5 through 9.

 All of them feature a deep undercut cavity and are weighted perfectly from the heel to the toe. The set of the club RTP7 is complete with a blade style putter with the inserts in the face that make even longer putts feel smooth. The driver also has a unique composition feature.

The heads of all the other clubs including irons, hybrids, woods and the as well as the putter are composed of the stainless steel. 

This set come with the full 24 month warranty from the founder club. Finding the best golf club in these days is not much easy, so buy this golf and make your performance great.

This gulf club is with the 6 stainless irons with the steel shafts with deep undercut cavity new wider sole and the perimeter weighting. This golf club is one of the best golf clubs.

I recommend you to try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance by using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. 

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs

Buying the golf club is always the better idea as you save a lot of cash and get the entire club you need. Moreover, most people ask that what are good golf clubs for a beginner then the answer is precise M5 Men’s complete gulf clubs.

For beginners and intermediate players, precise m5 offers great value. It is also a more affordable set as compared to other sets. This golf club comes with all the basic clubs: a 460cc titanium driver, hybrid, fairway wood, 5-PW irons, and a putter. 

This club also has oversized heads to make them more user friendly, offset for getting the balls airborne easily and as well they are made with both steel and the graphite shafts.

You will also get a stand bag with the set and 3 headcovers for your large clubs. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate golfer, you are always looking for the club’s set that will help you enjoy the game and improve your skills. 

So the Precise M5 is great to buy. For a set that comes with all the basic golf clubs, it is quite affordable and hard to find another set that offers better value from this set.

This golf club set includes a 460cc driver, three wood, 21 hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW stainless irons, putter, deluxe stand bag, and 3 headcovers.

The golf club’s height is 6’1 to 6’4, and it might be suitable for the 6’0, 6’5 and 6’6 men. This golf club is with the 460cc driver for the extensive distance and the forgiveness. 

It is also a great aiming mechanism putter. The golf club comes with the deluxe stand base with the spacious pockets and also 3 matching head covers. Due to its offset design, getting the ball in the air is much easier. These clubs even for the beginners and intermediates players.

This golf club uses only the best shaft material on the clubs that make up this set to make sure top-notch performance. The shaft includes true temper steel for the irons and the 100% graphite for the woods. This golf club is one of the best golf clubs.

The high-quality club you will get on your purchase the manufacturer also provides you with some convenient extras. They also include dual strap stand bag and the head covers to protect the club when they are not in use. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club.

This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. This golf club is one of the best golf for the beginner as tell above. It is also said that this golf especially made for the beginners to increase the beginners’ performance.

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s

 This question asked by most of the people what are the best clubs to buy for 2022 the answer is Wilson sporting goods golf men’s. The premium packaging component and the precision engineering of this golf make this golf much more rewarding.

The color of this golf club is grey and yellow. The size is not too big, which you can regularly carry. The material of the golf club is composite. This golf club includes 9 clubs: driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6- PW, and putter.

This golf’s unique driver head design provides stability and improved launch condition at the impact for the straighter ball flight for the greater distance.

The driver of the golf features a durable black PVD finish which looks great while reducing glare. In this golf club, performance technology and lightweight components are combined to deliver the tee’s tremendous distance. 

This golf is easy to hit the hybrid with the tip which is reinforced graphite shaft creates the large sweet spot for the improved distance. This golf club is created engineered for the maximum controls these lower center of the gravity heads improve the launch trajectory and produce the greater distance.

These golf sets are engineered with the premium materials and the quality construction designed to perform from titanium composite to the tip reinforced graphite shafts and are built to last. 

This question is also asked why to buy the club, and what golf club is used for the beginner then the answer is Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s.

Its lightweight and robust and loaded with pockets the premium bag of this golf club is comfortable to carry and organized on the course. This bag is with plush, double padded shoulder straps, integrated handles, and pockets designed specifically to be accessible whether the bag is on your back or the cart no matter what. 

The popular heel and toe weighted putter design enhances the feel and improve the putter head stability. The soft putter grip and the easy alignment system of this club are designed to keep the target’s putts.

I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and comes with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. 

Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set

Most of the people ask what golf clubs are best for seniors. Then the answer is Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set. There are a few important factors to consider when you are choosing the perfect senior women’s set.

This golf set is especially for women’s whose age is 55 or over. The two most important factors are weight and set makeup. The clubs are must be light and help to create some club head speed for the slower swinging player.

For this, you also have to make sure that you are playing with the right combination of irons, hybrids, and fairway wood. 

You have to choose the best one for the senior, and the best one is Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set. These are the best-rated golf clubs for seniors. It is one of the best golf clubs set that you can consider buying.

Nowadays there are not too many manufacturers that make golf which is set specifically for the senior ladies. As women’s golf shafts are more flexible, there have to be other level possibilities that the large manufacturer could provide. 

Majek hybrids are effortless in comparison to the other traditional irons. This golf club allows achieving more distance with greater control—most of the weight being strategically placed behinds the club’s sweet spot.

There is also the aerodynamic design that also boosts the club head speed. The lightweight graphite shafts are used which are the most ideal for the seniors, beginners and as well as women golfers. 

Dize of this golf club is oversized forgiving hybrid heads. The golf club’s color is the black crown and red accents/ black graphite shaft/ black grips. The golf club is of 19 degrees.

This hybrid practically replaces your entire iron set. This club is high tech, and it is practically designed for the women’s who seniors are. The club is coupled with the lower center of the gravity. 

The crowns wide to thin design and a higher launch angle result in the maximum distance with each shot. It is the best club for seniors in the UK. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club.   

Precise S7 All Graphite Complete Golf

Most people ask this question: What golf clubs to buy for the beginners and senior then the answer is Precise S7 All Graphite Complete Golf. This golf is for both beginners and seniors.

The color of the golf clubs is blue. The material used in the gulf clubs is stainless steel and graphite. Due to its lightweight, they are best for seniors. This golf set includes titanium driver, fairway woods, 2 hybrid, 7 SW irons, putter, and cart bag, 5H /C’s. 

This golf club includes 100% graphite shaft on woods and irons. One of the big things that this golf is 40% lighter as compare to others. The golf includes 460cc titanium drivers made of the stainless steel woods and iron for the better performance and longer lasting clubs.

The bag of this golf matching deluxe cart bag and headcovers and rain hood are also included in your bag. This set is especially design for those who need lighter clubs. The Precise S7 All Graphite Complete Golf is the best golf for seniors. 

These clubs are equipped with all graphite shafts, which is about 40% lighter than the steel shafts. This golf is a lightweight blade-style putter with the alignment system to sink more putts.

The iron of this gulf is made for the long and controlled shots. This golf is also easy to hit, so it less frustrates you. The particular S7 package set was designed for increased performance. 

The set is packed with the latest and most modernized golf technology for giving you ultimate distance and performance for every club present in the bag. This club is also considered the best game improvement irons for seniors. These clubs are made with the highest quality materials, these will increase, but by using this you will look great doing it. 

This golf is designed for high performance; this set brings in the latest and high-quality material to ensure the great distance and the mind-blowing performance every single time.

Precise S7 Men’s Golf clubs Set is specially designed to offer a head start to beginners. Its Oversized and lightweight clubs are primed for high performance.

At last, these clubs are the best golf clubs. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag.

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set

This complete golf set includes premium components, advanced materials and the latest technologies. What golf clubs to buy for a beginner then the answer is Wilson sporting good golf men set.

The color of the golf club is black or maroon. The size of the club is normal that you can regularly carry. The material used in the golf club is the blend. 

 Its 460cc driver offers a large sweet spot and aerodynamic design to improve the head speed and deliver greater distance. The deep undercut stainless steel and the cavity back iron are precision engineered for the long and the straight shots.

This golf club is lightweight; its premium carry bag features adjustable shoulder straps, a rugged handle top, numerous pockets, and a self-activating stand.

The scoring clubs of these clubs feature very low weighting for better greenside control and improved shot-making. This question is asked by most of people which is the best golf club to buy and what are the best golf clubs for 2022. Then the answer is Wilson sporting goods golf men set. 

This golf club’s hybrid clubs are with a shallow face and high launch technology for the better trajectory and longer straighter shot than a long iron. The stainless steel is with a low center of the gravity for the high launch and the extreme perimeter weighting for the enhanced forgiveness.

Most beginners also ask this question that what golf clubs are used for then the golf is used to hit the ball in the golf.

On this golf large unsupported face is designed on the iron ball speed for giving you more distance. The sand wedge is with the super low weighting and the wide sole to launch the ball out of the bunker. The heel-toe weighted putters are for greater stability and easy alignment to sink more putts.

Its lightweight stand features a 7 way top and plenty of storage pockets. The airflow shoulder straps are padded for easy carrying and feature cool airflow.

This golf club also includes three premium head covers for the driver, fairway, and hybrid. Premium components and precision engineering make golf much more rewarding. Wilson ultra plus exclusive golf Club sets Features R&D Engineered components for superior performance.

A complete golf Club set for better golfers looking for great equipment and a lightweight, premium bag with headcovers. The first that makes the Wilson man golf club set reputable is its brand. 

This golf club minimizes your slices and hook, and you will hit the fairway every time. This gulf set will also improve your driving. Wilson has the fairy wood and the hybrid that add loft and make it easier to get them off the ground.

It also allows you to get the ball off the ground much easier. Its high precision steel shaft irons will keep your balls straighter, and the large sweet spots will prevent more of those fat, chunk shots. 

This golf club is the best golf club to buy this year. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag.

Callaway Golf Strata Ultimate Men’s Complete

If you are a beginner, then it is the best set to buy. Strata Ultimate is designed for the ultimate distance and also ultimate performance. This question is asked from most of the people that what golf clubs to buy for beginners, then the answer by most of the people is Callaway golf strata ultimate men’s complete 

 The set includes driver, 3 kinds of wood, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6 to m9 iron, PW and SW, putter, stand bag and 4 head covers. The full titanium golf driver of this golf club gives you a large sweet.

This question is also asked by most beginners that what golf clubs are used for, and the answer is clubs are used for hitting the ball in the golf. 

 This golf clubs also give you forgiveness to bomb it off the tee. Its every forgiving 3 wood is built for long, high flying shots in a more aerodynamic head shape. The 4 and the 5 hybrids of these golf clubs are great alternatives to the long irons, so by this, you can play with more confidence on a variety of shots.

The iron has high flight technology that delivers the distance, forgiveness and control from the stainless steel. Precise face milling on the putter is designed for better accuracy and distance control, which helps you sinking the more putts.

This golf club’s stand bag is a lightweight, durable bag that combines the cool and the authentic look, with the convenient pockets, and it is easy to carry back strap. Their iron and wedges are high flight technology that delivers distance, forgiveness, and control from the stainless steel irons. 

What are the best Callaway golf clubs for seniors, and the answer is Callaway golf strata ultimate men’s complete? This golf clubs 460cc driver has a lightweight titanium head with the large sweet spot that will allow you to crush the ball easily.

The fairway wood has an oversized head and offers for giving control of the short grass. The short iron and the pitching wedge are designed to give you accurate precision and control with their stainless steel construction. 

Its putter has a mallet design with the alignment marks for helping you to navigate the green properly. The lightweight stand bag houses all of your clubs, balls, tees, beverage, and clothing layers for the convenience and the comfort on the course.

These are one of the best golf clubs that you can buy this year. I recommend you try this golf club and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club. This golf club is also easy to use and come with full and extra accessories packed in the bag. 


You should know the best senior golf club by reading this full guide, which includes Callaway, Taylor-made, and Wilson. Along with the few noteworthy names. These all cater to the special needs, requirements and even the golfer’s preferences with the slower swing speed.

There is also some best hybrid set in this guide that can easily replace difficult to hit long irons. That means you can turn to the hybrid for maximizing forgiveness to get the target distance.

 You all know that the senior-specific golf irons and clubs, in general, are more expensive. But that’s mainly because this club features the lightweight graphite shafts, which are costlier to the manufacture than the stainless steel.

Due to the bad quality of golf clubs, some golfers give up their passion and finally stop playing golf, but the senior designed solve the issue once and for all.

Finding the best golf clubs for seniors is not always the way, but by this guide now you can forget about the useless trips to the golf stores and hour searching for the right features and specs.

Now all you have to do is select a product and order it. It’s a time to say goodbye to the back pain, unforgiving features, harsh grips, and inconsiderate clubs.    It’s a time to welcome the durability, high-end performance, and innovative technology with the best golf clubs for the seniors on the market.

People think that these golf clubs are just designed for the seniors but they wrong. These golfers are designed for the people who are with a slower swing speed.

So, remember that it all depends on your swing speed here not just age. I recommend you try these golf clubs and hope you will increase your performance using this golf club.

FAQ: Best Senior Golf Clubs In 2022

What are the most forgiving golf clubs for seniors?

The most versatile set of golf clubs for seniors is 90% about the right length. Senior golfers should make sure to get a loft with their club that will be best for them and won’t lead to a weak strike. Hybrids are a great option for a senior golfer because they can offer both wood-like flight and ease of use in the rough.

Some clubs that people find easier on their posture include putters, woods, and wedges. If you want something affordable, try any hybrid club such as an Adams A12 OS Hybrid Swingweight Beige 4 Iron-Wing Insert Graphite) or TaylorMade Tour Preferred OS 5H Hybrid Super Game Rescue Golf Club (1 Handed).

Are graphite shafts better for seniors?

Graphite shafts can give senior golfers a feeling of more control and security. Modern graphite shafts use modern technology to make them lighter, stronger and provide even better feel than ever before.

These people would ideally benefit the most from graphites: those with conditions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, which may affect their grip on traditional clubs. Youth golfers are no stranger to these debilitating medical issues but they use special grips that are fashioned for their hands so they don’t have to worry about this problem.

Many people don’t relish the thought of changing clubs now for fear it will hinder performance levels but in reality it will likely have just the opposite effect on your game! Yes, graphite.

How far should a senior hit 7 iron?

Here’s a rule of thumb that should be a very valuable tool. The general guideline is to start out by hitting 7-irons the same distance as your driver off the turf. Then adjust from there based on course condition and personal preference.

For example, if you’re playing at the local muni with the tar mac runway on all shots, you’re going to want more trajectory than on your favorite classic layout that has lots of undulation and challenges more clubhead speed.

This is true for anything, not just 7-iron shot distances! Make some adjustments – play more ball up in your stance for this runny round; play shorter clubs if you’ve got long winter grass; throw some new wedges in your bag

What golf club shaft is best for seniors?

A senior will most likely have a slower swing speed and is going to lose some flexibility as they age. You want a shaft with a mid-range flex, which will provide the perfect amount of give for an aging golfer. In this case, I recommend you go with a Mack Daddy 2.0.

Definitely not! The energy from the golf club needs to be used largely by those groups of muscles that can manage it now that those who could over time have been overworked or have weakened due to injury or too much use in particularly large movements.

It’s also important not to do any vigorous exercise before playing golf because many joints may already be compromised after walking around all day with luggage on their backs and carrying luggage uphill.

Should seniors use ladies golf clubs?

This is a difficult question. Picking an optimal golf club depends on many factors, for example the strength of ones swing, size of one’s body frame, and physical characteristics. That said, it would be best if you went with the size clubs your height hints at.

For example, if you are 4’11” tall then I suspect that an 8 or 9 iron will work well for you. Likewise if you are 5’6″or 5’8″ tall I suspect that a women’s 10 to 13 iron would be appropriate – pro shop personnel should be able to properly help with selecting the right club.

Generally speaking seniors should use ladies golf clubs since their bodies are typically more frail than people who are young adults or teenagers.

How long do golf irons last?

Golf clubs come in a range of price points. That said, there are a few key things to look out for when hitting the course. Irons wear out if they’re not kept clean, so it’s important to have at least two sets of irons. 

You’ll need about one set per year as those things take a beating as you hit ground balls back and forth as your skill improves during the season. 

In terms of length, it might be best to head into another store if you can’t find what you’re looking for- this is because most people buy irons that are their height, which doesn’t mean much unless you know your personal swing speed and lie angle.

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