Difference between pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls

There are some differences between the Pro V1 and Pro V1X balls. How can you tell them apart? I just purchased several Pro V1 Xs, but they do not seem to be performing properly. So, what should I do now?

For decades, Pro V1 golf balls have been available. Among the best ball manufacturers in the world, they’re widely acknowledged as one of the best. The new Pro V1X golf ball features a new cover design and dimple pattern, yet it appears identical to its predecessor.

The two kinds of balls are intended to be used interchangeably. If you’ve already made the transition from Pro V1 to Pro V1X, you may want to reconsider. As an alternative to switching between them, you might want to consider maintaining both at the same time.

The biggest difference between a Pro V1 and a Pro V1x golf ball is the Pro V1X’s cover material, which is different from the Pro V1. It also has a slightly bigger core diameter and more dimples than the previous model.

This might be a decent upgrade from your previous Pro V1 golf ball if you’re searching for something new. You could discover that the newest model outperforms the previous one.

What’s the difference between a Pro V and Pro V1x Golf Ball?

The main difference between a Pro V1 and Pro V1xa golf ball, Around the greens, the Pro V1 features a soft feel, a low ball trajectory, and less spinning power. The Pro V1X features a stronger feel on the green, a higher ball flight, and more spinning power than the Pro V1.

Titleist has mastered the art of making a fantastic golf ball. The new Titleist 913 D2 driver is aimed at those who wish to hit the ball farther off the tee. The Titleist 913 D3 fairway metal is intended to aid in accuracy and control for golfers. Both golf balls have a soft feel and a high compression rating.

There are three main reasons why Pro V1X is designed to be a better ball than Pro V1. The Pro V1 will thus go farther and straighter than the other golf ball.

The Pro V1x is a Titleist product that costs roughly $50. This is a product designed more to benefit players who prefer less spin than the previous version. The ball was then re-engineered by Titleist in 2017 to increase its spin. Some golfers, even tour players, were perplexed by this.

A milder version of the Pro V1x, the Pro V1 is an instrument that you should consider buying. Pro V1x, on the other hand, is firmer than Pro V1. Both are inferior to Pro V2. Both spin faster than the Pro V3.


The Pro V1x is a titanium-based golf club. Instead of a black play number, it bears a red play number underneath the Titleist emblem. The Pro V1x has 40 fewer dimples than the ordinary Pro V1.


The Pro V1 has a softer feel than the Pro V 1X, but there is no discernible difference in the course. When both balls are hit, they make a small clicky sound.

Ball Flight

The previous generation’s balls flew around 2 yards lower. The iron shots are quite near. The profiles of spin are extremely similar.


The Pro V1x is a variation of the Pro V1 with a faster launch. There won’t be a lot of difference between the balls, but having them fitted and tested might give you an extra 5-10 yards. As a result, it’s worthwhile to go through this procedure.


Both balls spin nicely around a green, but our launch monitor research suggests that the new ball has somewhat less short game spin.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

  • Consistent flight over a longer distance
  • High trajectory and low spin for the long game
  • Enhancing your short-game control with Drop-and-Stop
  • Feels softer when you touch it

There are several features of the ProV1x golf ball that can provide you with long-distance and better control over your short game. They include a lower spin in the long game and a higher trajectory, a softer feel, and a sport type. ProV1x is a new golf ball that was developed to perform over the full spectrum of golf play quite well.

Features of the product:

  • The improved core construction of the ProV1x golf ball ensures more consistency in speed and distance.
  • The swing’s softcover composition provides for a more delicate feel.
  • Softcover promotes a better coefficient of restitution, so the ball will fly straighter and further.
  • The compression of this ball is lower than in previous versions, making it simpler to launch off the tee.
  • Prov 1x golf balls have a unique dimple design that improves aerodynamics and allows for longer distances and more accuracy.
  • These Titleist golf balls are the best value for money.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

  • Consistently longer distance with longer flights
  • Penetrating trajectory and very low spin for the long game
  • Enhancing your short-game control with Drop-and-Stop
  • Feels softer when you touch it

The Pro V1x features four layers as opposed to the Pro V1’s three. The Pro V1x can now fly longer and with more spin. It also makes the Pro V1x feel more solid.

There is no doubt that the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is the longest of all the golf balls in the market right now. They’re composed of new, softer, more flexible materials than earlier versions. What’s the end result? More steady flight, longer range with less spin, and improved shot control.

Features of the product:

  • For players who want a softer feel, a soft, low-compression core gives better flexibility and an improved feel.
  • A patented polymer cover design aids in achieving a better coefficient of restitution (COR), resulting in increased distance and accuracy.
  • The aerodynamics of a new dimple design have been optimized for enhanced distance.
  • Improved dimples enable a smoother transition between the ball’s surface and the air, enabling it to be launched quicker and further.
  • This reduces the spin rate for a more straightforward method.
  • The forged metal hex head ensures long-term durability.
  • We have three different kinds of lofts available to you (7.5-, 9.0-, and 10.5-degree lofts).
  • It is available in two colors: white and black.

What’s the difference between the two?

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are two golf balls from the same series. Their essential distinctions are the most significant. The Pro V1x has a softer core than the Pro V1, which has a stiffer core. The Pro V1x’s softer core allows for greater spin, allowing it to fly farther and straighter than the Pro V1.

Which ball should you choose?

If you’re searching for a ball that can go a long far, the Pro V1 is the ball for you. Choose the Pro V1x if you like a gentler feel. Choosing either of them can be a great option for golfers who are looking for a mix between distance and forgiveness.