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Both the PXG 0211 irons and ping G410 are designed with more of a player’s iron profile in mind. Both sets promise more forgiveness in irons that have more of a golfer’s iron profile.

We wanted to see for ourselves just how forgiving these irons were and if they delivered on key performance metrics. So we went out and tested them side-by-side. Read on to discover what we found out about these irons.

PXG 0211 vs Ping G410 Overview

The main difference between Ping 0211 vs PXG G410 though they have similar swing weights, it’s a bit hard to tell the difference between these two Ping models.

The PXG 0211 golf irons are known for being affordable, yet still, offer impressive performance. You’ll find that they generally hover around the $600 to $800 price range while the G410 will run you around $1000.

While there are many variations on the theme, it comes down to two products: the PXG 0211 and the G410. Both of them are pretty close to the same in terms of performance and price.

PXG 0211 Irons 2022 Review

PXG 0211 Vs Ping G410

A surprise launch. As of the spring of 2019, PXG surprised everyone with the introduction of the 0211 irons. They have a lot of premium equipment, but their irons are a little bit more premium.

You can find the technology and performance of the most popular sets of irons for about half the cost of previous generations. PXG will release the second generation of their irons along with a set of woods for 2022.

In the last two months, I have been testing a set of the new irons in order to determine whether they continue to perform at the same level as their more expensive counterparts.

PXG 0211 Key Features

The first thing we noticed when testing these two sets side by side was that the PXG 0211 has a larger footprint. So right off the bat, they’ll look more congenial for beginners and higher handicappers.

The most flexible area of the face is the area behind the mouth, which has a 360-degree undercut channel. This makes the whole face flexible, and the face was constructed from maraging steel, which is incredibly thin.

This head weighs about twice as much as the previous model. In addition, the launch point is even higher.


Irons with a black and silver color scheme and a blingy chrome badge? These are pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the biggest OEM in the business. They’re very PXG-like, and they’ll look great with any set of clubs.

My gut says that the new ones will be better than the old ones. They look more like their previous models and that makes me think that they’ll be better to hit from the fairway.

Sounds and Feels

The GEN3 family of woods is all PGA Tour approved for the 2018 season. These clubs feature a dual-face insert made of Sound & Feel material to ensure consistent feedback for every swing.

This wedge-shaped club feels solid from the center to the bottom of the clubface. It’s also quite forgiving, with a slight “click” that’s amplified when struck squarely.

One thing missing is feedback. The fact that all shots near the center of the face feel the same may not be a problem if every shot acts like a pure strike.


When I received the 0211 irons in the mail, I noticed that I was getting more spin than I had been getting with the 0311 irons. This led me to test the 0211 irons at the driving range at Lake Michigan to see how much forgiveness they offered. Testing revealed the same exceptional forgiveness relative to size as I had experienced with the 0311 irons.

The most important feature for the majority of golfers is the distance they can get from their irons, and the 2120 X-Racer irons provide the greatest distance of any iron in this class. Their lofts are stronger than any other iron in this class, making them favorites for several players.

You don’t have to buy a different iron or change your grip for longer golf shots. Just plug the new loft into your IronCenter, and your club will launch the ball with even more velocity.

It’s true – these irons are impressive. They are a great choice if you want to play a shot that has greater distance and forgiveness. They are also great for anyone who wants to improve their short game.

I also liked the fact that the 0311s are almost identical to the original, but with some changes and improvements.

Ping g410 2022 Review

PXG 0211 Vs Ping G410

The Ping G410  is the new standard for the golfing world. With a lower launch and more forgiveness than any other driver in its class, the G410 is a powerful driver that delivers great distance with exceptional forgiveness.

The new Ping G410  driver is a game-changer for golfers who want a powerful driver with exceptional forgiveness. The PING G410  is a more affordable version of the G410. The G410 is already a solid club and the G410  will give you a similar experience, but at a lower price.

Ping G410 Key Features

The Ping G410 has all the features a pro golfer needs in an iron, such as an adjustable hosel, adjustable shafts, and a long offset. It even looks more like a true player’s iron.

This is essentially a cavity back iron with a stainless steel face instead of the maraging steel of the Ping G410. We like this better, however, the stainless steel face does mean that the vibration of the Ping G410 isn’t as well damped down.


The Ping G410 is a beautiful iron. It looks like a true player’s iron, and that’s exactly what it is. The body is shaped like a wedge with a slight taper that helps with the forgiveness.

The sole is large and flat, and the clubface is slightly rounded. The body is also hollow, which means that the G410  will have a low center of gravity, making it easy to hit with a strong swing.

Sounds and Feels

The Ping G410  is a sweet-sounding iron. It has a crisp sound that is easy to hit. It’s also a forgiving iron, and it’s not difficult to hit the ball cleanly.

The shaft is a little on the stiff side, but that’s to be expected with a driver. The shaft is a little long, but that’s also to be expected with a driver.

The G410 has a slightly hollow sound. This is caused by the head and the lack of a solid soundboard. This club doesn’t have any real power, but it makes up for it with a great feel. The G410 is a good all-around iron. It’s not going to win any major tournaments, but it’s a fun iron to play. 


The Ping G410  is a great iron. It’s forgiving and easy to hit, but it has enough power to make a good ball fly. The G410  is a great iron for someone who wants a forgiving driver.

The G410 is a good iron for someone who wants to play a shot that has a little more forgiveness. It’s a great iron for someone who wants to hit the ball with a stronger swing. The G410 is a great iron for someone who wants a forgiving driver.

Who is each set for?

The PXG 0211 irons are a great choice if you’re looking for a solid performer for a little less than $600. They have a sweet blend of forgiveness, feel and spin and they do help with your ball speed and launch.

These are the Ping G410 steel irons and would be better for scratch golfers. They cost more than the PING G430s but they offer more forgiveness.

Price Comparison

Just as with almost all the other models in the Ping G series, the higher the model number, the higher the price. If you want the cheapest possible option, buy the G410.

Performance Comparison

Performance Comparison. The PING G410 irons were better at up-shot speed and were slightly faster in the center of the face than the PXG 0211s. I know I’d be happy using the PXG 021P as my regular ironing board cover.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we enjoyed the PXG 0211s as an all-around better value than the Ping G410. If you’re looking for a good, versatile club that doesn’t break the bank, these will fit the bill nicely.

The new G410 irons were built to provide a smooth feel in your hands from the very first hit. That means you can begin your round off with confidence, knowing the ball is going to fly. That’s especially important when you are a scratch player.

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