What Happens When you Get Bitten By The Golf Bug

For many millions of people across the world a morning or afternoon spent on the golf course is time spent well. If you are one of those who finds the game challenging and rewarding (as you master that perfect drive) are happy enough defining golf as a ‘solo sport’.

However, much of the pleasure that you will get from a round of golf is due to the fact that you will spend your times on the course with friends and loved ones. But how do you convince that special, but skeptical someone to join you on the fairways? Perhaps the hints and tips below will make that task easier.

Start with the Simple

Trying to convince someone to join you on the local 18-hole course can be an uphill battle. The solution is to start small and simple in order to introduce them to the wonders of golf. The neighborhood miniature golf course is a great place to start. The experience is fun, there’s very little pressure and it’s budget friendly.

It’s perfect for introducing someone to the game. You can even pick up used clubs at Surplus.net. Of course, paying a visit to the local driving range is another option – it’s noy only fun, but there’s something so satisfying about hitting that perfect drive. Your invitee can simply enjoy the experience at their own pace with no pressure.

Enjoying the Short Format

The idea of 18 holes can be a bit intimidating for someone who is new to the game. It can take up to four hours to complete a round and that’s a big time commitment. There’s also the fact that it can be extremely easy to get frustrated when you are new to the game – and that doesn’t make for a pleasant day out.

But, there are options. There are some great 9-hole courses available and there is also the option of a par three course. Both give the newbie a state for the sport. And hire a golf cart – it cuts down on the time spent on the course – and who doesn’t love driving a golf cart?

Be Patient

If you have ever learned to drive a car or ride a bike then you’ll know that having a patient coach or teacher can make the process a whole lot less stressful.

You may live and breathe the golfing life, but the person you are introducing to the sport may be completely ignorant of anything to do with golf, aside from the fact that you seem to enjoy it. Now think back to how many hours you have had to put in to achieve your current level of skill.

The newbie is not going to transform their non-existent skills into golf betting worthy championship material overnight. Keep the criticism to a minimum and be friendly. ‘helping hand’ approach.

Sit back and Watch

One of the best ways to get anyone interested in any sport is to join them watching it. There’s nothing like a bit of live action to elevate the excitement levels. If you are going to be taking part in a local tournament, invite that friend or family member along.

Watching how the pros do it can sow the seeds of inspiration – and before you know it, they’re standing beside you on the tee. There’s a bonus, it’s a great way for you to explain the rules that make the game so challenging – and so popular.

Keep it Fun

Golf can be a lot of fun – each and every shot is different, and you are spending some time in the fresj air surrounded by nature. Having a friend join you for a round is a wonderful way of sharing that experience – and offers an ideal opportunity to catch up, laugh a little and simply enjoy each others company. It’s the perfect antidote for our fast-paced, stressful modern life.

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