Willie’s Custom Golf Center is open for business

Spring has sprung at 4799 Yackey Drive, N.W., and spring has sprung at 4799 Yackey Drive, N.W. The center has been open for a few weeks.

The pro shop features any equipment a golfer would need, as well as a driving range, TrackMan simulators, a club fitting room, and a fully-equipped pro shop. Two years ago, the owners of the 17.5 acres of farmland purchased it from Terry and Sherry Garbers of Strasburg.

“Susie and I were trying to come up with a name but we decided to use my nickname, Willie. There are eight employees at the center and more are needed.

Twenty years ago, the Willis family purchased 180 acres of land in Sugarcreek from the late Dale and Gladys Richardson to establish Willandale Golf Course.

Willis said that Richardson was a farmer who milked 100 cows a day. They sold the business in 2018. At that time, Willandale, the course, had 27 holes.

Willis also owns a golf course in the town of Uhrichsville. The center is a professionally designed indoor/outdoor range, which also includes the TrackMan golf simulators.

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Three Trackman simulators are located in a 100-foot area. The golfer can look at their numbers on the simulator and see what they are doing wrong.

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TrackMan is the most precise golf launch monitor. What the golfer did wrong is shown in the instant video and statistical feedback. Premium club fitting is a feature that is very popular. The room has a lot of golf clubs and a computer-generated analysis of each shot to get accurate readings. A golfer is fitted by a staff member with the right clubs for a day at the golf course.

There are new and used golf clubs in the fitting room. There are four individual rooms in the main building The golf balls can be hit from the inside of the garage doors. If the weather is not favorable to be outside, the garage doors are raised and a heating system is located on the ceiling at the rear of the room.

There are seven target greens on the driving range that can be rented by the hour. The four rooms are named after famous people. Sand traps on the driving range are made of stone. Visitors will be able to sit on comfortable benches and watch golfers hit golf balls. The area being constructed for a chip-n-putt will work well for families with small children.

Source: https://www.timesreporter.com/story/sports/2022/05/08/willies-custom-golf-center-open-business/9615575002/

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